What Others are Saying

“I admire courage anytime and anywhere I see it. The ability to take it on the chin, and get up and go on, is commendable always. Add to that an honest and inquiring mind and a heart ready and willing to make changes and restitution. Then move over—something’s going to happen. Here is a book unlike most you have read. While you can learn about mood struggles, including depression, and mental illness from many clinical journals, few people have the courage and candor to take you there in person. Mike Attar does just that. In the 28 plus years since I met Mike, I have watched him grow and prosper on his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey. I applaud his latest efforts and Good Mood Foundation he has formed. May this book and everything he does be a help and encouragement to many others who feel trapped by the walls of any type of mood struggles. There is a way forward. Mike, keep leading the way.”

“Never in my 47 years have I ever read an entire book in one day. I read your entire book on Saturday. It was wonderful!”

“It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I write this letter in support of your completed and pending manuscripts. After visiting with you, your close friends, and Michelle, I am convinced that you are actively seeking God’s will regarding your ministry and are using your gifts to provide encouragement and guidance to Christians facing mood struggles. It is my prayer that God will honor your commitment to Him, and that He will continue to guide and bless your efforts, so that your experiences and story will be a source of great encouragement and hope to Christians."

“Every so often a timely book is written that has the promise of changing the hearts, minds, and lives of many people—this book is one of them. The author of this book, Mike Attar, didn’t sit down one day to write a book in order to say—“Hey, I wrote a book!” Rather, this book was conceived, grew in his belly, and was birthed through the crucible of pain—the pain of a serious mental illness. Mike is not a doctor or mental health professional, but don’t discount him. He has a story to tell and he has earned the right to tell it. In addition, Mike is a doer. This is important, because living in a good mood requires taking action. This book shows how—simply and powerfully.”

“And yet again today I’ve had the opportunity to hear you and the book held up as a positive example of support and hope for those suffering with mental illness. The ministry continues to flourish! I’m proud of your perseverance, but mostly I’m grateful that you continue to pursue a good mood.”

“Great review [about my first book] and a wonderful confirmation of what we already know to be true. Namely, that you have an incredible faith in God and have used your pain as a means to grow closer to Him. I’ve proud to have you as a friend.”

“I feel very fortunate to have met you at Starbucks…I feel lifted and motivated by having discovered your ministry.”

“What a kind gesture indeed to send me the gifts, in a particularly dark season of my life. The MP3 player is very welcome; I was about the only person here without one. And the music, the beautiful praise, is encouraging—a welcome change from the rap music my housemates play. Your book, of course is wonderful and timely—as I am indeed in search of a good mood.

“I was greatly impacted by ‘My Pursuit of a Good Mood’ because I could identify a lot of me in your story and journey.”

“I appreciate your positive attitude and desire to put everyone you meet in a good mood.”

…just opened my gift bag and I am dumbfounded! An MP3 player! Are you kidding me...I’ve never owned an MP3 player. Thank you, too, for the Gaither DVD, the under-the-pillow stereo speakers and your personal note!”

“I appreciate you sending me several copies that I can share with my staff…Thank you for your thoughtfulness and I commend you both for your sincere concern for others.”

“Please send me 10 more copies…and I will see that each person [on clinical staff] and each volunteer receives one…”

“Christians are amongst the most unreached demographics when it comes to mental and emotional illnesses...It becomes far easier to ignore feelings of doubt and depression than it is to address and confront these problems…after reading your book I was reminded of two friends who would benefit from reading your story. I would like additional copies…”

“Thanks so much for your vulnerability in sharing the struggles you and Michelle have dealt with…Your honesty will undoubtedly help many, many people…”

“You didn’t just leave a copy of your book at the receptionist desk, as I thought you would, and most people would have done—you went out of your way to be there and hand me the book personally...I noticed the bright yellow wrapping paper and the Charlie Brown sticker on the front with my name hand written, I realized these things enhanced the title of the book and that you had a put a lot of thought into it all…”

“Your gift of writing (creative communication) is wonderful. It has touched me deeply about understanding my own ups and down feelings. It has given me a deeper understanding of [my wife’s] struggle with depression. It has certainly made me more sensitive…”

“I will never look at Biblical counseling quite the same way…you say that it is not about healing, it is about becoming holy...”

“…We especially wish to thank you for sending twelve copies of your book entitled, My Pursuit of a Good Mood as gift for Mr. Graham, the staff, and the Board of Directors of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It is wonderful that you can express in words what the Lord has inspired in your heart…”

“For years one of the goals in my life has been to be positive. But sometimes I let a pessimistic person get me down, but not for long. Your book is an encouragement for me…”

“Wow! We were taken back with the gift of your book…your note at the beginning of the book was so special…thank you for thinking of us…”What a beautiful journey you have had of leaning into Jesus through something that is so difficult and so misunderstood [depression]…”

“I was surprised by your confidence in public speaking. Your upbeat, fast-paced presentation—sprinkled with humor—completely held my interest; the time seemed to fly! And you have a lovely, resonant speaking voice by the way…You did accomplish your goal of offering hope—you best did that by personally attesting to the attitudes and practices that brought about healing in your own life; by sharing real, experiential wisdom…”

“…We are honored that God has chosen you, as one of our own flock, to develop this ministry with the intentions of reaching hundreds of families in need of its hope-filled message…Moving forward, the Good Mood Foundation is poised to impact many lives…”

“Thank you for your terrific leadership! Helping those who are dealing with mental issues such as depression, as well as those who are challenged to find joy in their lives…”

“I’ve looked at your website—great stuff! …and like the rest of our team, I was genuinely blessed by your servant spirit…”

“The MP3 player you gifted to me is the first I’ve ever had…I am looking forward to experimenting with it and to listen to [good Gospel music]…the [pillow speaker] will allow me to listen to positive music and messages while I sleep is especially intriguing…”

“I had been to the website before, but I re-visited it this morning. There is a lot of great information there. Thanks for all you have done and are doing for the mental health cause.”

“I’m glad your organization is touching so many people. It’s unbelievable the impact you’re made.”

“Michelle, please tell Mike for me… he is a truly gifted writer, and his encouragement is very helpful. I found it inspiring…”

“Hi Michelle, we loved meeting Mike and he was so willing to meet with us last minute. He asked wonderful questions to [son, young boy] and [young boy] really opened up. He’s mentioned several topics Mike had that helped him. He wants to apply them to his life—especially the music part. He was relieved to hear that there was someone else with bipolar…”

“You handled questions and answers skillfully…I think this workshop touch deeply many of the people there and I think they will be helped.”

“Mike, God is obviously dealing bountifully with you and anointing your teaching…Your hours of preparation are obvious to help others!”

“I will NOT have to stay in a bad mood ever again!”

“Those suffering with mental illness will find comfort in knowing that it’s not their fault.”

“Black and white [Biblical] examples of an illness that is so abstract.”

“I was touched to tears on your story about the ‘Four Stolen Silver Trumpets.’ Have Kleenex in the room.”

“It feels good to know I am not alone…the handout gave me clarity…”

[I found hope] There is hope for those that are willing to rely on God and make the difficult choices.”

[I am a telephone counselor] A lot of times people call in and I get caught in the ‘pity stories.’ I feel more ready to encourage them to seek help and start taking practical steps toward change.”

“Encouraged by Mike’s journey and what God is doing through Mike to encourage and empower others. [Liked what you said] “Telling isn’t selling—asking is.”

“Encouraging the mentally ill to engage in praise and worship was something I have never considered but I believe it is a powerful tool!”

“You not only gave hope, you gave a precise action plan of worship and repentance.”

“Understanding the sin nature as being one of many sources for mood struggles was eye opening. Accepting the power of the Holy Spirit in healing will be life changing.”

“You gave [me] affirmation that as a Believer there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a mood struggle.”

“I wish my mom could have lived here [and been able to come to the seminar]. With this era of drug breakthroughs! How her life might have had hope and peace.”

“The handout and presentation was done with the goal of allowing God to be part of the experience and solution.”

[It really helped me] knowing that Bible characters were allowed by God to experience mood struggles and how God intervened in their behalf, including you and me.”

“Your personal experiences make you credible. You put things in perspective; Jesus is the only way and is the basis for your workshop.”

“Thanks for leading the way, being real and ‘confessing’ before us. This helps us to do the same and then to see that God is faithful.”

“Please send me more books. I keep them in my car and I am amazed at the opportunities to give them away. Thanks for sharing your story.”

“Appreciated your kind words and the fantastic DVD…what a blessing to walk and talk with my Brother in Christ and on a project that will touch many lives.”

“Your book reminds me of the story of Joseph and the passage in scripture that states: ‘That which was meant to harm you—God has made good.’”

“I hate to read and never read, but I couldn’t put it down…the book has enlightened me in many ways…please send me 15 copies…”

“Your book brought tears to my eyes… [it was] honest and forthright…it helps to know that I am not alone and that someone else struggles, too.”

‘Encouraged by your story and how you are allowing God to use you…to help bring the truth, repentance and healing—the doorways to the abundant life—to so many.”

“I just came across your website and information while reading through BTBF’s on-line newsletter. I cried when I first saw that there was support through my own church…”

“Earlier today I was having a bad day mood wise…I was cleaning up in the bedroom and ran across your gift (Gaither Band DVD). I watched and listened to this wonderful DVD most of the day and shared it with every member of my family. My grandchildren danced to the music and later were singing these songs to my wife and me. It touched me in a powerful way and I know it has had the same impact on our whole family.”

“I have watched with curiosity and awe and amazement at the amount of fruit that you and your ministry does bare—Glory to God!”

“Thank you so much for the DVD and letter…You have a tremendous heart for the Lord and I thank you for your great example to all of us. Look forward to seeing you at the Hope Center.”

“I have read your book once and am already into the second reading…extraordinary work. I think the Lord can really utilize your message…it’s a powerful one.”

“Thanks for writing a much needed book. I can relate to a lot of it.”

“I read your book yesterday non-stop. I related to most of your book and have figured out how to get myself in a good mood too. It’s amazing how hard you have worked to stay in a good mood and I thank you for sharing. It took tremendous courage to write that book…”

“What an amazing book you have written. Your book was so honest and forthright and I think that is what makes it such a wonderful book. I thank you for sending it to me. It helps to know that I am not alone and that someone else struggles, too.”

“I found hope, knowing that Bible characters were allowed by God to experience mood struggles and how God intervened on their behalf—including you and me.”

“This book really breaks new ground, in that you are approaching this from a fresh perspective…thought provoking and very well crafted.”

“I have sometimes turned to your book when I am depressed and I found it comforting. I benefited from the practical parts about setting goals, etc.”

“Your transparency was excellent and your battle-won victories over bipolar are worth giving and sharing with others who are suffering.”

“You were wonderfully transparent, Mike…I could feel your pain…”

“So thrilled to catch an idea of the work God has done in you, your ministry, and your writing. You have much to offer the Kingdom.”

“I will pray God’s blessing on this crucial ministry.”

“It is so good to know that anyone can visit your site, read your manuscript and listen to your audio workshop recordings for free—how cool is that?”

“Mike’s life experience and his obedience to God’s calling have fostered an incredible ministry. This combination provides a positive environment of encouragement and growth for individuals who have mood struggles.”

“The site and info looks great. We will certainly pray that God brings your vision to full fruition.”

“Thank you for opening up about a subject people ignore…to God be the glory.”

“I wanted to thank you for answering my email so quickly. Also, for honoring my request to visit (deleted) in the hospital! You didn’t know him but you went anyway. He was very moved by the gifts you left with him, including a CD player and books.”

“It was terrific to be able to refer her (a new believer) to the website and know she would find quality information there.”

“I’ve been struggling with mood issues of late and I keep hearing from friends that I should read your manuscript on your website. Finally, I went to your site and did…wow! When is it coming out in book form?”

“You have such an important ministry…I will be praying for good results.”

“Biblical, practical and relevant! Great job!”

“Liked what you said, the goal is not a good mood, the goal is holiness.”

“Your personal experiences make you credible. You put things into perspective: Jesus is the only way and is the basis for the workshop.”

“Touched that you are reaching out in such a positive way to those who are hurting.”

“Well done…handled questions and answers skillfully.”

“Excellent job Mike! God is obviously dealing bountifully with you and anointing your teaching. I will commit to pray for you and your ministry regularly. Your hours of preparation are obvious as well as your commitment to help others!”

“The length seemed right, the breaks were well placed, and the time for the discussion was good. You’ve hit upon the right recipe.”

“Totally the best use of my Saturday morning…the humor and real life stories make this workshop reach in and touch sore spots needing a heavenly touch.”

“I listened to your messages on the Internet. Thank you for sharing your story and we liked the part of repentance and turning away from sin towards God. My husband thinks it would be helpful to have a copy of your book to give to Christian therapists. ”

“I want to applaud you for allowing your illness to lead you down this path. I know God will honor and reward this effort.”

“I just wanted to stop for a moment and tell you what a blessing it was to be a part of the Saturday’s “Good Mood” conference! Your transparency and honesty were such a blessing to me and to all those in attendance. I know that the Lord is going to continue to use you in a mighty way. The struggles and trials you have been through are going to pave the way for countless others to walk more closely with God and begin to heal. Thanks so much for your witness, kindness and friendship.”

“You have polished your presentation so well. Just great! Bravo! Very good balance of the three major areas you wished to cover. The summary is good. I like the detailed information that is available in the second half…a great balance of reading your outline, good eye contact and extemporaneous comments. I will incorporate more praise music in my daily life.”

“Thank you so much for putting the time and life investment in this effort to pursue a good mood.”

“I definitely feel this is a forum that should be taken to other places.”

“Mike, would that we had the courage and perseverance to meet challenges the way you have. You are an outstanding example of a godly man meeting life’s challenges head on. I am proud that you gave us an opportunity to be part of your vision coming to life.”

“You are a good example of making lemonade from the lemons life handed you when it came to your illness.”

“You’re very polished and professional in all that you put your hand to do. My prayers are with you and Michelle.”

“The content, the handout and the workshop are excellent.”