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Hospital Ministry



I admire courage anytime, and anywhere I see it. The ability to ―take it on the chin, and get up and go on, is commendable always. Add to that an honest and inquiring mind and a heart ready and willing to make changes and restitution. Then move over—something’s going to happen.

Here is a book unlike most you have read. While you can learn about mood struggles, including depression, and mental illness from many clinical journals, few people have the courage and candor to take you there in person. Mike Attar does just that.

In the 28 plus years since I met Mike, I have watched him grow and prosper on his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey. I applaud his latest efforts and the Good Mood Foundation he has formed.

May this book and everything he does be a help and encouragement to many others who feel trapped by the walls of any type of mood struggle.

There is a way forward. Mike, keep leading the way. Paul J. Meyer New York Times Best-Selling Author & Founder of Success Motivation International, Inc., and 40+ other companies. www.pauljmeyer.com

Good Mood Foundation

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