Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Michael (Ben) Attar, and I founded the Good Mood Foundation in 2005 as a Christian ministry to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the “good news” of the “New Covenant” and encompasses these four points.

  1. Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross as a sin substitute. His blood was spilled to cover and forgive all past, present, and future sins.
  2. Jesus died and was buried that same day.
  3. Three days later, the gravestone that sealed Jesus’s body was miraculously rolled away, and Jesus Christ was resurrected.
  4. Jesus Christ gives us His LIFE through the indwelling, Precious Holy Spirit.

The proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of all my books and our ministries. My new book is “Next Year in Jerusalem is Now.” It is a significant volume written for Gentile Christians to ignite and fan the flame of their love and understanding for Israel, the Jewish People, Jerusalem, and the Messiah—for the Gospel’s sake. The book contains many important Biblical and historical stories about Israel, the Jewish people, Jerusalem, and the Messiah. The book is easy to read, with many Scriptures and pictures. To tell “their” story throughout this book, I used all the Biblical sites you will see on an Introductory Tour to Israel. Please click HERE to read.

For many years, I have observed that “some” in Christendom do not fully understand the following, or they use unbiblical verbiage to communicate:

Therefore, I wrote the second section of “Next Year in Jerusalem is Now” to address these points. To make it easy for pastors, Bible teachers, evangelists, deacons, elders, and church leaders to access, please click HERE to read.

Earlier in our ministry, we ministered to those with mental health and addiction struggles. I also wrote my first book, “My Pursuit of a Good Mood.” Please click HERE to read. We also had a ministry to the in-patients of a local psychiatric and addiction hospital for seven years. Hopefully, some who read about it will be encouraged to start a similar ministry. Please click HERE to read.