Meet the Founder

Mike and Michelle Attar

Mike’s Messianic Testimony

I was born in Haifa, Israel, and moved to New York City at the age of three, when my family immigrated to the United States. I grew up in a reformed Jewish home, observing the Jewish Feasts occasionally, but not faithfully.

Through my encounter with mentors from Waco, Texas (Paul J. Meyer and Gary O’Malley) I began to read the Bible and attend church services. I came to understand that the Bible consisted of the Old Testament—a picture book prophesying and foreshadowing a Jewish Messiah. I also came to understand that during Old Testament times God’s people would come to the tabernacle area with a spotless, pure sacrifice onto which the sins of the individual making the sacrifice would be symbolically placed. The people met with a priest because individuals could not atone for sins and have fellowship with God directly. These sacrifices were repeatedly made to atone for sin, and restore the one making the sacrifice into right fellowship with God—until the next sin. It was never-ending. I read how God longed for all people to humble themselves and confess their sin, and come back to Him through the required and appropriate sacrifices. God, throughout the Old Testament, was planning to introduce a better and final sacrifice. The Jews knew this person of promise as “Messiah.” Whoever eventually came claiming to be the foreshadowed Messiah would have to be right one-hundred percent in regard to all Old Testament prophecy. I was fascinated with the prophetic descriptions of where the Messiah would be born, live, how and why He would have to die.

So, after reading the Bible and New Testament all day, every day, for about three weeks, I made a monumental decision to embrace the New Testament’s teaching concerning the Gospel—Jesus Christ died as a substitute for my sin and rose from the dead on the third day. My eyes were finally opened—Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of all of the Old Testament prophesies and all things Jewish. I concluded that Jesus Christ was who He said He was—“God—the Messiah.”

Forgiveness…the Ultimate Miracle

My mother was born in Poland several days before the Germans invaded Poland to begin their methodical process of exterminating the Jewish people. It was Adolf Hitler’s intent and desire to kill ALL Jews in the world. Why? Because if he could kill EVERY Jew it would prove that the God of the Bible is dead and that God’s “Chosen People” weren’t chosen at all. It would also mean that Christianity was a BIG lie. Adolf Hitler was just one in a line of dictators who through the centuries believed the same thing. Kill all the Jews.

My grandparents had two daughters. My mother was the youngest and her sister a few years older. Because our family had resources, my mother and her sister were immediately placed with “Gentile” Polish families to be raised as gentiles and to protect their young lives from the Nazis. My grandfather had a history and ran a prosperous business. He also had an enormous book collection of first editions. Grandmother said that when the commander of a Nazi troop came into her home and saw his book collection he was moved to tears. The Nazis took our family’s wealth and resources and then killed my grandfather by shooting him in the head—as my grandmother watched. My grandmother survived the duration of the war by living in the “underground.” The rest of our family, excluding my mother and her sister, were killed by the Nazis. In several instances, family members took cyanide and killed themselves rather than face the Nazi atrocities.

Time and space won’t allow me to elaborate on all the stories I heard growing up. But one thing was certain. My family HATED the German people for what they did to our family. Their hateful anger migrated down to my younger brother and me. Actually, ALL of my Jewish friends and their families HATED the German people. We were taught and indoctrinated at an early age to avoid Germans, not to do business with Germans, and to never buy German products.

Fast forward to my early thirties-When I had financial resources, and it was time to buy my wife a new car, guess which brand I bought? A Volvo! I would not have been caught dead in a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi or Porsche. And even though the German government had taken some measure of responsibility for their actions by paying my grandmother and mother (and other survivors of the Holocaust) a monthly stipend, I still hated the German people for what they did to my family. Who knows what resources and opportunities we would have had if the Nazis hadn’t stolen everything from us?

Fast forward some more-Except for the Lord Jesus Christ no person has impacted more than author, businessman, people builder and philanthropist, the late Paul J. Meyer. My love for Paul and his ministry stems from his training which was critical in not giving up despite my illness. I had also become a Christian because of Paul’s ministry. In the spring of 2007 I read his book entitled, “Forgiveness... the Ultimate Miracle.” That book changed my life forever. Why? I was confronted with the reality that Paul was German and that his family had immigrated to America from Germany. I never knew that before. As I began reflecting on Paul’s impact on my life and my love for him I was struck with God’s sense of humor. It was ironic that I hated Germans but was in love with one. Anyhow, because of the book I was MOVED to finally forgive ALL Germans for what they had done to my family. This includes German companies and products. Not too long after I forgave the Germans, I sold our two cars and purchased two late model German automobiles. This is my outward testimony to the world that I’ve forgiven the Germans.

Wow! In the fall of 2007, I contacted Paul J. Meyer and sent him a copy of my manuscript “My Pursuit of a Good Mood.” I never mentioned how his book “Forgiveness…the Ultimate Miracle” had impacted me. However, after reading the manuscript, Paul called me at home and offered to: publish my book, write the foreword to it and provide us with 10,000 copies so we could give the book away.