My Pursuit of a Good Mood (foreword by Paul J. Meyer)

This book tackles a difficult subject—mood struggles. Using the authors personal story as the backdrop, he provides practical, attitudinal and spiritual insights along with resources for coping and better understanding anyone you know who has mood struggles.
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The Listener (dedication to Paul J. Meyer)

targets pre-teen, teen and young adults who aren’t listening to their parents or grandparents. Included are three hours of BONUS recordings: “Accepting Personal Responsibility” and “Developing a Servant’s Heart” by Paul J. Meyer, “Developing Your Life Purpose” by Gary O’Malley, “Kids Teach Parents and Grandparents How to Listen” by Dr. Kathryn O’Malley, “A Conversation on Character” and “How to Stay Motivated” by Zig Ziglar.

"The 'Master' Key"

is a book on selling like no other. It’s the definitive resource for anyone in the selling professions, including marketing and advertising who may be struggling or failing. Apply “The ‘Master’ Key” to your sales presentation and you’ll possess an innovative edge for every selling scenario: ideas, concepts, letters, business cards, marketing slogans, tag lines, ad campaigns, etc.

“Let the Young Men be Wise”

is short inspirational Christian book that provides Biblically based wisdom for courting, winning and loving a Christian woman. It will uplift, inspire and encourage young men of any age to believe. “Yes, I can court, win and love ANY Christian woman.” Leaders guide is included.

Peace be Still

offers Biblical insights to how the author learned to tap into a realm of peace that has nothing to do with external circumstances. It is about becoming like “The Peace-Maker” and orienting your inner and outer life according to the ways of ‘The Peace-Giver.” No matter what turmoil you find yourself in, peace is yours for the asking, peace is yours for the taking—peace-be still.

Heart to Heart

is for Jewish people who have ever said, “I lost my family in the Holocaust, why did God let the Holocaust happen?” Or “What is the future of Israel?” It is also for Gentiles who have said, “I don’t believe in God! Prove to me that there is a God.” Or, “If God loves me so much then why am I suffering?” Using the Holy Bible the author answers these and similar questions.

Turn, Turn, Turn

addresses people who are struggling because they believe that time has passed them by. Perhaps marketers are contributors to such short sightedness: pre-teen years-ages 0-12; teen years-ages 13-19; young adult years-ages 20-30. Or, “I just finished school, now it’s time to get a job,” “I just got married, now it’s time to start a family” or “I’m now middle age so now it’s time to buy a sports car and get depressed because life is almost over.” But are blocks of time really how God sees time? No! God sees time and measures time in the span of “eternity to eternity.”

You are NOT Humpty Dumpty

…Once an egg is broken, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to put back together again. Admittedly, this book isn’t going to reverse the effects of a physical paralysis. Nor is it going to restore an aging body to the vigor of youth…However, though you may have fallen and your life feels like it has broken into many little pieces. There is HOPE!! The God of the Bible is in the business of putting the pieces of a broken life back together again…you are NOT Humpty-Dumpty.

Renew Your Mind and Take Every Thought Captive

addresses person who are tempted by thoughts that seemingly “pop into their minds” without warning or invitation. These uninvited thoughts can plant themselves and take up root and cause: a negative attitude, crippling and destructive habits, a sad demeanor, and an overall bad mood. But these uninvited thoughts can and must be dealt with. “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” - Philippians 4:8.

Living the Christian Life from the Overflow

addresses Christians who are living the Christian life from a perspective that their “proverbial glass of water” is being drained, half-full or worse—empty. However, the Bible describes God’s love, His grace, His love, His indwelling, His faith, etc. as a foundation—not a glass of water. God is a fountain that never runs out and never runs dry. In this book, Mike explains how to appropriate His fountain so that you can live the Christian life from the overflow.